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Mountain Alarm Accreditation Mountain Alarm Accreditation Mountain Alarm Accreditation
CopperState provides the highest quality fire protection systems backed by the best customer service. Our state-of-the art products and services include fire protection, monitoring, test and inspections, and emergency communications services. CopperState is UL listed and offers the highest rated 24/7 monitoring of fire alarms in the industry. Protecting our customers with unparalleled expertise and service, our company stands by the values that have made CopperState the industry’s best: Integrity, Initiative, and Intelligence.
-Susan R. Phoenix, AZ
“Very nice work on this first group of drawings! Just wanted to take a minute to let you and your team know that I appreciate the hard work on these drawings which allowed for a quick turn around by LSW. The quality of your team’s drawings has directly resulted in a high level of trust and respect from the Engineer.  I appreciate the teamwork.”
-Tiffany M. Phoenix, AZ
CopperState employees are all fabulous. Arturo has gone out of his way to help people. Very kind. Very polite. Just been fabulous. Don’t come across as many outside workers who are as awesome as Arturo. He deserves some recognition and a pat on the back!
-Steven R. Fallon, Nevada
Outstanding documentation! Great project management gentlemen! I am very pleased on how well this project is going! 
-Christine P. Phoenix, Az
I just wanted to share the compassion of the CopperState Fire system installers. The entire time they have been onsite they have shown kindness and compassion to the people. Especially yesterday with the power outage and doors closing. These gentlemen took the time to hold hands and walk with the people that were distressed by the situation. Truly heartwarming to witness.