Our Brands

While we started as Fire Protection Service Corporation we have grown and expanded since 1952 to include the following brands:

Mountain Alarm

Mountain Alarm was started in 1982 to meet the growing security needs of our customers.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive began its online journey in 2010 to meet the demands of our customers with the Do-It-Yourself spirit. Link has now grown to serve both residential and commercial customers nationwide. Link is home to our inside sales team, fantastic customer tech support, and order fulfillment.

CopperState Fire Protection

CopperState began its organic growth in the Phoenix-Flagstaff markets in 2011.

KenCo Security and Technology

Kenco Security and Technology was acquired in 2014 and is a solid addition to our family of companies. Kenco is the Go-To alarm, monitoring, service and installation provider in Montana and Wyoming regions.

We ALL belong to the same TEAM while wearing different jerseys.